A Straightforward Overview On Finding Factors In Acupuncture Alicante


In captivity, 25 years is really good.  He just keeps going, but he has slowed down," says Senior Aviculturist Tom Dyer. At 36 years old, Ernie is actually known to be the second oldest African penguin in North America. NOAA offering $6,500 reward after pregnant dolphin shot and killed in Waveland Dyer has worked with this exotic bird for decades and has seen his health deteriorate as he struggles with arthritis and vision problems. Luckily, Ernie is now undergoing bi-weekly acupuncture treatments given by local veterinarian Dr. Cynthia Benbow. "There is no placebo affect. You can't put a needle in an animal and say, 'you're going to feel better,' and they feel better," Benbow explains. The sessions last about 10 minutes, as Ernie sits still and relaxed through the process. "This bird, it wasn't him.

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